What Goes Around Came Around For Me!

The day the malls went dark in our town I became a full fledged floundering clothes hound! Gone were the days of slipping into a department store the day before an event to grab a new outfit. Online was an option but a planner, most days I am not and the horrors of having to return to replace was not appealing and the wait of doing so disappointing! Boutiques popped up around town targeting the weekend fashion warriors moreso than the business casual I was looking for. I discovered in talking to people that I wasn’t the only one wanting versatile pieces that I could wear to work and with minor tweaks rock a casual look with confidence...people notice!

I put my Textiles & Fashion Merchandising degree and MBA to work during the design & development of Splash of Pearl Boutique! Splash offers both online shopping as well as a brick & mortar at 702 Jefferson Street, Waterloo, Iowa. Some lessons are coming from the school of hard knocks but I stick to my goal of offering quality, affordable clothes, often only one per size for your unique self. The ultimate goal of the Splash of Pearl is to take the stress out of your dress and the tag line is, "Come in & let me dress you!"