What Goes Around Came Around For Me!

I was a floundering clothes hound, lost in a world where the malls were dark and local boutiques scattered around town targeting weekend wear, which I love but...I can't really get by wearing them to work. I started talking to people and found that I wasn’t the only one wanting versatile pieces that I could wear to work and with minor tweaks rock a casual look with confidence...people notice! 

Ironically, I also get to come full circle in life by taking some of what I learned as a Textiles & Fashion Merchandising grad to inspire confidence in other women through a well-coordinated wardrobe, with a little spice. I will foster the mix and matcher in you with quality, affordable clothes for a professional look for work that is comfortable, even if it’s just the top for those virtual meetings. (wink wink you know who you are!)

The ultimate goal of the Splash of Pearl is to take the stress out of your dress while keeping you classy and maybe a little sassy!